On top of its own international airport, Maribor is within 2 hours to 3 international airports (Graz, Ljubljana and Zagreb). From the airports, you can only take shared or private transfer (GoOpti, taxi) to the Habakuk Hotel. Please contact us for any inquiries of airport transfer with following e-mail address:

Public transport in Maribor is good with a substantial bus network and the price for a single ticket is €1 ($1 roughly) if you purchase it on a bus or 70 cents if you purchase it in advance at newsagents that are scattered around the city.

Regardless to the situation at the Croatian – Slovenian border, we suggest to you to book your flight to the airport in Graz or Ljubljana to avoid possible traffic jams.


GoOpti – Shared and private airport transfers



Avtobusna postaja, Mlinska Ulica 1, Maribor

Tel.: +386 (0) 2 235 0212



TAXI PLUS: (080) 1112 [international call: +386 2 2517 151]


TAXI MAT: (080) 2277, (02) 230 1200. (02)803 3300

MIKRO TAXI: (02) 4215 888





Zelezniska postaja, Partizanska cesta 50

Tel.: +386 (0)2 2922 164