Poster program

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Recommendations for poster preparation


Posters should be eligible and self-explanatory for viewers to proceed on their own. It is recommended that text should be concise and clear and a mixture of text and graphics or pictures be used. During poster sessions presenting authors are advised to stand nearby their poster to discuss particular points of their work with other delegates that might be raised.


  • Poster dimensions: standard A0 size 1189 mm (height) x 841 mm (width).
  • Posters is recommended to be printed on matt finish paper rather than glossy.
  • The context is recommended to be arranged in columns rather than rows as it facilitates viewing and reading.
  • The text should be arranged under headings.
  • Main text size should be large enough for reading comfortably from a standing distance.
  • A legend should precede tables.
  • Figures and images should be followed below with a legend.
  • Figures/images need to be clear, have a sharp focus and good contrast.